Modern medical science has overcome many life-threatening diseases, e.g., cancer, heart, vascular, infectious diseases. While Japan has received the worldwide attention for achieving its unparalleled life expectancy, there are many who continue to suffer from incurable diseases the modern medicine cannot cure.

For reasons of medical, social, and economics, a state-of-the-art healthcare system became necessary. Despite the advances in the medical technology, institutional difficulties and business risks prevent state-of-the-art medicine from becoming widely available to the general public. We believe that state-of-the-art medicine is not for specialists only.

The Japanese Association for the Promotion of State-of-the-Art in Medicine (JAPSAM) was established on October 2003 to promote state-of-the-art medicine. On October 2008, we celebrated our sixth anniversary. With members from fields as diverse as economics, psychology, literature, and university management, we have made significant progress during that time. We strive to create a network of citizens, healthcare providers, research institutions, and medical industry for the purpose of promoting advanced healthcare that reflects the needs of the public and patients.

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